Event Descriptions

3-Day Real Estate Summit:

This 3-Day Summit is a complete house flipping business broken down step-by-step. In this live 3-Day event we will be teaching you the complete A-Z of flipping houses, broken down in the Five “F”s… Find, Figure, Fund, Fix and Flip.

2-Day Commercial, Cash Flow & Multiple Unit Camp:

This camp is all about “Cash Flow” and making you “Job Optional,” whether it be from turn-key rentals, conversions to Airbnb’s or large Multi-Unit Complexes. The Secret to building wealth quickly and consistently is to have a lot of units under one roof paying you huge monthly cash flow. Very few people know how to acquire Multi Units because they think it’s only for the “Big Time Investors.” For a limited time, we are willing to share the secrets to acquiring and finding professionally managed Multi Units with a select few of our students. This is the pinnacle of your training. An opportunity of a lifetime. In this training you’ll learn to overcome your fear of buying big buildings and how to find the right properties and the right team to manage them. You’ll also learn how to get the money to buy the buildings and much more

2-Day Tax lien Auction Experience:

Join us for this live 2-day training event where we’ll meet in one of the best markets for investing in tax auctions. During the training, you will attend a LIVE tax auction with our expert at your side to help you purchase actual tax deeds and liens.

2-Day Asset Protection Bootcamp:

This 2-Day Asset Protection camp is taught by one of the country’s premiere Asset Protection Attorneys. You’ll learn not only the best entities to hold properties the in but also how to reduce your taxes on profits earned. Remember, it’s not what you earn that makes you wealthy, it’s what you keep.

2-Day Wholesale Bootcamp:

In this live 2-Day training, you will be taught how to find properties to wholesale, how to market your properties to buyers and what wholesale fee you can charge. You will visit properties in various stages of the wholesale process and learn how to evaluate a property.

2-Day Foundation Workshop:

You’ll spend your time during this kick-start event learning tax lien investing fundamentals. Our experts will help build the foundation to your tax lien training by covering all things tax liens, going over county websites, discussing the do’s and don’ts of tax lien investing, and much more. We recommend making this your first stop on your event itinerary to get the most out of your experience.

3-Day Tax Lien Investor Expo:

This interactive tax lien investing expo is perfect for the new or seasoned investor. Join us for live investing opportunities where you will work one-on-one with an assigned consultant and continue your education on the tax lien investing process. We will cover tax lien flipping, tax lien auctions, due diligence, and much much more.