Welcome to your Due Diligence Exam

If a parcel has 2 or more county held certificates this means it is in the list of lands
It is always a red flag If there are more than 7 certificates showing due on a parcel's tax bill history.
When doing due diligence on a tax lien certificate, there are 5 steps to always cover.
The reason we want to see the location from an arial view is to make sure the parcel is in a nice neighborhood.
When you find the "total amount due" is this the Rollup we are looking for?
If you could only look at one thing and one thing only to determine your likelihood of redemption you would look at:
In order to file a Tax Deed Application, you must pay off all taxes owed according to "total amount due" on the tax collector' site.
The way a Property Appraiser determines the Assessed Value of properties is most commonly using which of the following:
What does GIS stand for in the term " GIS map"?
Why don't we do a title search on every tax lien we research?