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Quick Start Course

This section consists of 7 training videos that cover the fundamentals of Tax Lien Investing.  We recommend you start your journey here.

Direct Buy Certificates

There are two ways you can purchase Tax Lien Certificates. If you are looking for quick foreclosures then look no further than “Direct Buy” Certificates.

Buying From The County

Every year counties across the country sell billions of dollars in tax lien certificates to investors just like you. Find out how this process works and how you can get involved.

Advanced Tax Lien Investing

Move beyond the basics to learn the strategies used by the pros. This is next level stuff…but you are a next level person so jump right in.

Finding Investment Capital

So I am guessing you are not independently wealthy and finding some extra money will really help.  This section explores several options to help you find the money to grow your business.

Investing Suppliments

Just some free bonus information because we love you. Seriously.

This Is Just The Beginning… Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown!

The 3-Day Workshop is the pinnacle event of your training. If you want to be a successful Tax Lien and Real Estate investor don’t miss this event.