Tax Deed Applicaton (TDA) Model

Key Terms

  • Portfolio Manager = Your point of contact to purchase liens.

  • Primary Market = Bidding on liens at auction.

  • Secondary Market = liens that have been vetted and are already purchased by Premier. (you will get access to these from your portfolio manager)

  • TDA = Tax Deed Application.

  • Rollup = All of the back taxes on the property including interest.

  • Face Value (of Lien) = Initial value of the outstanding tax bill. (idle investors pay attention as you only accrue interest on this amount)

  • Redemptive Amount (of Lien) = Face value plus the interest earned to date.

  • Idle Strategy = purchase lien and wait to be redeemed

  • Active Strategy = Filling TDA’s and pushing forward for an outcome on the investment

  • ROI = Return on investment (yearly)